Artist: Various Artists
Black & Tan Sampler, Volume Two
Black & Tan CDB&T031

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This is the second sampler from the small, but classy independent blues, roots, rural and folk label from the Netherlands. Which, I feel rarely fails to impress; with its wide range of artists, some old and some new. Their individual talents, when taken collectively give the label an unparalleled level of   diversity and depth in the music recorded.

There are eighteen numbers, from fourteen artists on this album, selected for our listening pleasure; some of the artists featured (in no particular order) are; Byther Smith, Roscoe Chenier, Mike Andersen, Doug Macleod, Billy Jones, Boo Boo Davis, Teresa James and  Turnip Greens.

The various numbers here display a vast cornucopia of emotions, moods and sounds which not only empathise with the tortured souls of many, but they frequently reveal the hidden touchstone in us all.

As you will find; on this album, the numbers range, from rural slow reflective and thought provoking slowburners through to rollickin’ footappers destined to have you enthusiastically dancing round the front room.

Whereas some actively campaign to ‘Keep Music Alive’ Black & Tan conspicuously campaign to ‘Keep Living Music Alive.’

This album is a refreshingly welcome addition to anybody’s collection.

By the way, this album is available free from Black & Tan if you buy any new release from their web shop.

----- Brian Harman

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Having formerly lived, for a very long time, in the area where THE NUCKBUSTERS have - and continue to play their locals gigs, I can't even begin to count the number of times I've seen their act live.  Their leader, FRANK WARD, is probably South Florida's best known and liked musician, or better yet, best known and liked person.  Using the cliche "He's a musician's musician" wouldn't even sum it up.  FRANK'S bands have played every local club, every charitable event, every festival, he hosts jams, attends other musicians jams, and when he isn't working, you can bet you'll see him happily handing over the cover charge to see his peers, or whichever national touring act may be in town.  I have virtually see him perform in several hundred different ensembles.  During those times, never once did I see him not have a smile on his face or ever try to steal the show.  It's a tremendous pleasure, and equally tremendous honor, to be able to say what I'm about to say about FRANK WARD & THE NUCKLEBUSTERS BLUES BAND................

THE NUCKLEBUSTERS BLUES BAND consists of FRANK WARD on guitar and vocals, SHELDON "UNCLE SHELLY" VOSS on bass,  TIM "TIMMAH" KUCHTA on drums, and JOE SAINT on Hammond organ.

"SOMEBODY BETTER HAVE MY MONEY" is the bands third release and I get the feeling, from what I'm listening to, this is the one - that with a bit of the luck that it takes for things like this to happen, may get them more than local recognition.  Adding the Hammond organ, especially the way JOE makes it sound will certainly be a factor in the bands eminent success.

 "SOMEBODY BETTER HAVE MY MONEY" opens with two profound instrumentals, "WHITE SHADOW" and "DOWN BY THE C SIDE".  One's slow and funky and the other is fast and furious, with both emphasizing the high caliber musicianship involved.  JOE'S organ work is mesmerizing, FRANK sounds as if he's reached his pinnacle of playing, and SHELDON and TIM are absolutely phenomenal.  Kudos also deserve to go out to BRIAN FITZPATRICK.  His mixing and engineering had each instrument sounding so precise, obviously heightening the quality of these instrumentals.  I could have easily listened to fifty more minutes of this.

Is it his sense of humor that FRANK displays on an original called "EX-WIFE", or is it sheer frustration?  Well, hearing him sing "I've got an ex-wife, who's trying to run my life.....I've got a mother-in-law, with a voice like a chain saw.....I've got attorney's fees, somebody shoot me please" - I gotta think it's a little of both.  Thankfully, taking some of that frustration out on his guitar leads to some of FRANK'S best work being heard on this track.  To those familiar with him, FRANK'S fondness of Ronnie Earl should be noticed here.

"BABY PLEASE DON'T GO" is a six minute, all out progressive jam on which TIM shines on the drums.  You know those situations where you're about to do something you've done so many times before, and this particular time you want to do it better than you ever had - I mean really better?  On this track, it sounds to me as if TIM is having one of those times.  This is one of this discs many highlights.

The NUCKLEBUSTERS pay tribute to Ronnie Earl, FRANK'S main inspiration, by doing a phenomenal rendition of "AKOS".  At the risk of sounding redundant, it's another masterful instrumental in which everyone seems to be peaking.  The rhythm section reached fast and furious then locked into cruise control while FRANK and JOE took turns tearing it up on guitar and organ.  Again, one of the discs best.

Slowing things down a bit - but not for very long, the guys do a great version of Little Willie John's "NEED YOUR LOVE SO BAD".  This one is highlighted by UNCLE SHELLY doing a magnificent job with some very smooth and soulful vocals.

More excellent guitar work can be heard on one of my favorite songs, by one of my favorite artists,  "I'LL PLAY THE BLUES FOR YOU" by Albert King.  Once again, FRANK and JOE do an excellent job sharing the leads on the guitar and the organ.  More great stuff here.

Other very well done tracks on "SOMEBODY BETTER HAVE MY MONEY", which totals well over an hour of real good music are:  "I'M WALKING OUT ON YOU", "THE NUCKLEBUCK".....errr, just kidding, that would be "THE HUCKLEBUCK", "LITTLE BY LITTLE", "PARTY GIRL", "I GOT MONEY", "LAYIN' IN THE ALLEY" and "I CAN'T LOSE".

Of course, you can check out THE NUCKLEBUSTER BLUES BAND by logging onto
While you're there, tell the guys you wanna be a the same kinda "nucklehead" that Pete the Blewzzman is.

----- Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro

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The biography of BUCK 69 states that the band is influenced by more than three generations of music. This father and son blues rock band claim to be made up of three members over the age of 45 and five members under the age of 30.  And when I looked at the picture, with absolutely no further help, I was able to figure out who the three were and who the five were.....amazing!

Having said that, let me now introduce all eight of them, and not necessarily by age.  BUCK 69 consists of: TOM CLAWSON, lead vocals, songwriter and father; ALEX CLAWSON, lead guitar and son; BUZZ ANDERSON, lead guitar; CANDICE COLEMAN, vocals; DAVE ALAN, drums; B J LOVE, keyboards; TODD OVALL, bass; and PAM BERGER, harmonies.  On several tracks are special guests JOHN SEVILLA on lead guitar and BOBBY DUNLAP on drums.

You blues rockers don't even need to read this a matter of fact, just stop right here and go directly to and buy yourself a copy of "WHEN SHE WHISPERS YOUR NAME".  C'mon there's not one, not two, but three lead guitarists.....what are you still doin' here?  This disc should've been called "Shootout at the Strat Coral".

The smoke, and the music both start on "T-TOWN", the opening track.  This one's all about the CLAWSONS.  With a rhythm section that's absolutely on fire behind them, dad and son tear it up on vocals and lead guitar.  Plain and simple - ass kickin', rockin' blues at it's best.

The title, and following track, "WHEN SHE WHISPERS YOUR NAME" and "MISERY", temporarily slow things down a bit.  On both of these, the band is in a slow but very tight groove with TOM and the ladies doing an absolutely wonderful job on vocals and harmonizing.  Very smooth stuff right here.

Good old, down home, Blewzzman's kinda blues is featured on "COLD WIND".  Once again, the masterful vocals of TOM, PAM and CANDICE highlight this slow and very soulful ballad.  Of course, down home blues is nothing without some low down and dirty guitar licks and there are lots of those provided by BUZZ.  Unquestionably one of my favorite tracks on the disc.

Another of "WHEN SHE WHISPERS YOUR NAME" highlights is "SOMETIMES".  On this one, with some of DAVE'S best drum work going on behind him, BUZZ absolutely tears it up on guitar.  PAM and CANDICE are at discs best on this one as well.  The vocals and the harmonizing are constantly sharp and impressive throughout.

"SOMEONE LIKE ME" is another of the slower, more true to the blues tracks.  This one features the third of three of the most phenomenal young guitarists this listener has had the pleasure of hearing lately - JOHN SEVILLA .  This one is all JOHN and TOM.

Other tracks on "WHEN SHE WHISPERS YOUR NAME", that were not covered due to a lack of space and a fear of setting off the smoke detector over my computer, are: "RISK IT ALL", "NO TIME FOR LOVE", "NO TIME FOR LOVE", "SEX DRUGS UR MOM AND ME", "SWEET SPOT", "I'M A KING BEE", "THE MONKEY SONG" and "THE BEST PLACE".

Once again, you can check out BUCK 69 by going to  Although we'll all know you're really there to win the $1069 they're giving away, you can still tell them you came 'cause the Blewzzman sent ya.

----- Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro

Booty Bumpin’
Blind Pig BPCD 5118

Elvin Bishop’s entertaining nature is bursting with enthusiasm on this live disc. As a member of the original Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Bishop’s contributions to the blues movement are undeniable. Since parting with Butterfield in 1968, Bishop has created notable solo records. On Booty Bumpin’, he is expertly assisted by the delightful members of his sizeable band. Many of them appeared on his previous CD, Gettin’ My Groove Back. Their big sound camouflages Bishop’s non-crooning lead vocals. Bobby Cochran (drums), Ed Earley (trombone, rubboard), and Steve Willis (piano, accordion) also assist with lead vocals. None of them are astonishing, but the music is so damn enjoyable it doesn’t matter. For example, Keep A Dollar In Your Pocket is basic blues but it sounds more complicated due to the gratifying band. Throughout 63-minutes, pleasant musical solos are provided by Willis and Mike Schermer (guitar).

Lots of fun is exercised on this blues-based roots rock album, which was recorded live at Constable Jack’s in Newcastle, California on December 3, 2006. The 12-song repertoire – seven are Bishop originals – focuses on Bishop’s Alligator and Blind Pig years, but the early ’70s as well as previously unrecorded songs are represented. With guitar chords that purposely sound bent, twisted, and confused, What The Hell Is Going On is a musical celebration of our paranoid society. The only thing with stability is the song’s rhythm. All the way around, it’s a brilliant song. On I Feel Alright Again, the guitarists slide and glide along their frets like finely lubricated pistons. Here, piano and trombone are also showcased. Half Way Out The Door features the disc’s best vocalist – Willis – as well as Schermer’s West Coast sounding guitar. Most lyrics aren’t deep because they aren’t supposed to be deep. The benefits of living a dog’s life are revealed in My Dog where the four-legged protagonist doesn’t chase cats or women. During the hillbilly rock stomp I’ll Be Glad, the nearly 65-year-old Bishop professes to be (“Tired of living in this big old world of hurt”). So he remedies the situation with joyous rocking music.

Several high-energy instrumentals exist which showcase wobbling horns, precise piano, bone rattling guitar, and Bishop’s signature melodic slide guitar. Plenty of instruments, e.g., accordion and tambourine, get their groove on during Stomp. Its rocking and rhythmic melody instills dancing and boogieing. Booty Bumpin’ is quick paced, pumping, and pushing. The mellow Blue Flame is packed with lots of sophisticated blue notes from guest guitarist Daniel Castro.

Bishop’s vocals are insubstantial when compared to his pleasurable songwriting, punchy guitar playing, and boisterous showmanship. Needless to say, his live show is as significant as ever. Overall, Booty Bumpin’ delivers high entertainment value from blues’ notorious class clown.

----- Tim Holek

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"BIG HOUSE BLUES BAND" is similar to that of many small town local bands in that most of their members are usually successful professionals such as accountants, lawyers, chemists, bankers, restaurant employees, or members of the full-time workforce in general.  Often, more than not, these individuals are 100% satisfied with the daily lives they lead, their places in the community and most importantly, their families.  Inasmuch as they may be content with not being the next band to go platinum, that doesn't stop them from being a kick ass band.  "LIVE! NO ROOM TO MOVE" will attest to that.

The band consists of "BIG DADDY" HOUSEMAN on vocals, guitars and harmonica; JIMI RAY on drums and vocals; JANE BASSETT on vocal and percussion; NICK "THE HOUSE" HOUSEMAN on guitars and vocals; "TZER" TABACZKA on keyboards and vocals; JAY CARR on bass and vocals; GREG NIMITZ on alto sax; MARK MILLER on trombone; and JIM VAN BEMMEIEN on tenor sax.

Although "LIVE! NO ROOM TO MOVE" features all covers, the bands' use of horns, piano and background vocals, that were not on the originals, make them sound quite interesting.  The disc opens with back to back B.B and T-Bone tracks - "PAYING THE COST TO BE THE BOSS" and "STORMY MONDAY".  On the B.B cut, JANE does a great job on vocals and the horn section is right on the money.  Also, for as many times as it's been done, I don't think T-Bone himself would be disappointed in this version of his classic.  The guitar work is outstanding and the piano and sax solos, along with the background harmonies, make this one of the better versions this listener's heard.

Another hot one is Hookers "HUG AND SQUEEZE YOU".  This one features some of the discs best rhythm.  JIMI and JAY, on drums and bass, lead the fast pace that automatically leads to an all out jam with great guitar and sax leads.

Another of my particular favorites is "THE GOOD LIFE".  With the band locked into a real tight groove, "TZER" tears it up with some great piano highlights, JIM blows the hell of the tenor sax and JANE belts it out on vocals.

More great vocals are sung by JANE on "GOTTA RIGHT TO BE WRONG".  Backed by some awesome drum work by JIMI, she basically runs away with it on this beautiful ballad.

BIG DADDY lights it up on "I'VE GOT MY MOJO WORKING".  His vocals and sharp harp work highlight this one - which, with all the vocal ad-libbing and background banter, makes it sound like the band is having a heck of a good time.  I'm sure they were.


You can check out BIG HOUSE BLUES BAND by dropping by
Maybe while you're checking them out, you'll write them a check as well.....for a copy of "LIVE! NO ROOM TO MOVE".  Tell them Blewzzman said you won't be disappointed.

----- Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro

Top Night Out
Black Market Music BMM325.2

The Detonators are a four piece band from Melbourne, Australia. On this thirteen tracks set they reveal a rocking approach circa 1959, a raw beat-y sound circa 1964, a bit of punky attitude circa 1977 and a little helping of California blues 2007.
Think Carl Perkins jamming with Papa Lightfoot and backed by the Pretty Things, Elvis sneaking into a backwoods juke joint with Little Walter and jamming with the Kinks, or Chuck Berry and George Smith working with Johnny Kidd & The Pirates.
All this material is blues or blues-based and it is all original (some of it very original!) – and it is all exciting stuff too.

----- Norman Darwen

Let The Good Times Roll
SPV/ Blue 49972 CD

The Jelly Roll Kings were one of the last of the original juke joint blues bands out of Mississippi. Original member Big Jack Johnson left in the eighties, and when Frank Frost died in 1999, drummer Sam Carr (born 1926 in Friar’s Point, Mississippi) and Nashville guitarist/ producer Fred James deided to try to continue the legacy of the Jelly Roll Kings with the Delta Jukes, enlisting guitarist Dave Riley and harmonica man John ‘So Blue’ Weston, with Andrew ‘Shine’ Turner joining later, all older musicians from the same tradition. Fred produced several recordings by this outfit, and this CD is made up of out-takes from their albums for Black Magic and R.O.A.D. Records, plus some material from sound-checks.
That may not sound like any kind of recommendation but this is true, raw, down-home blues in its original form, all but a lost art now. As such, this is more than worthwhile for all lovers of the real blues.

----- Norman Darwen

Big Pete Pearson
"I’m Here Baby".
Blue Witch 2007

Big Pete Pearson is a singer with a deep voice and passionate feeling. This time he brings us an excellent powerful album where he has surrounded himself with contemporary blues heavyweights, all them great experts in the music they play.

Ike Turner, Kid Ramos, Johnny Dyer, Chico Chism, Richard Innes, W.C. Clark could be mentioned among other well known great artists who stamp their own style and ‘savoir faire’ along twelve amazing classic blues songs, to a de luxe band, “The Rhythm Room All Stars” with Bob Corritone, Chris James, Johnny Rap, Patrick Rynn and Brian Fahey on it.
Could we ask for more?. GREAT.

----- Vicente Zúmel -

Fiona Boyes
“Lucky 13”
Yellow Dog 2006

Gifted with an outstanding exceptional techique on guitar finger-pickin’, Fiona has also an intense voice and great feeling too. She gives us a new record with the best straight blues I have recently heard.
“Lucky 13” is a complete splendid record with a great dose of swing and a passionate performing, where the talent of this singer and guitar player is really amazing. Also excellent and faultless supporting band who give the best of themselves to make this new 'lady of the blues' shine at a very high level.

It is not really strange if you take into account she is backed by such great musicians like Bob Margolin, Marcia Ball or Mark ‘Kaz’ Kazanoff. You will find different influences on the cd, from pre-war rural country blues in the path of Memphis Minnie, to classic vaudeville singers like Victoria Spivey or Sippie Wallace. We must congratulate that records like this one are regularly published, as they greatly contribute to improve and give more quality to blues record market.

----- Vicente Zúmel -

‘Uncle’ John Turner
"Texas Blues"
Great Blues Recordings 2007

A posthumous album of a great drummer. I received the information he unfortunately passed away when I was writing this review. ‘Uncle’ Joe Turner will always be remembered to be for more that twenty years Johnny Winter’s trio drummer.

In this last recording for Floyd J. Badeaux label, Turner plays drums and sings on all tracks and he is surrounded by excellent musicians and friends who wanted to contribute with their magic playing and deep knowledge to give shape to this sincere, original, enjoying tasteful project but specially, full of the most vitalistic ‘real-power-raw’ road blues.
You will find Paul Orta’s harp on three tracks and Johnny Winter’s guitar on five songs plus harp in one track too. Prepare to enjoy yourself with this great album. VERY GOOD.

----- Vicente Zúmel -

Little Rachel
"There’s A New Miss. Rhythm In Town"
El Toro 2006

Singer Little Rachel comes back to the recording market with a new rhythm & blues album that follows forties and fifties musical style with deep influences of singers like Ruth Brown or Little Esther.
She is backed by 'The Lazy Jumpers', a Barcelona band who do an excellent work supporting Rachel with a very professional effective playing. Most of the songs included on the cd are Rachel’s own compositions, except four Lazy Jumpers guitar player Mario Cobo's own songs and two Eva Eastwood’s ones, that complete an interesting record where swing becomes the big star along “There’s A New Miss Rhythm In Town”.

A good proposal of El Toro Records, a Barcelona record label which has specialized on fifties rock & roll, rockabilly and rhythm & blues, with an amazing catalogue that will certainly give tons of joy to all vintage music lovers.

----- Vicente Zúmel -

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