Interview with Rick ''The Train'' Dettman
from The Train Show,

and Pad McKeage from ''Windows On Main''

by Toni Spearman

Rick ''The Train'' Dettman (Photo ctsy Rick)

It‘s nice to have you on the phone with Blues Art for an interview. Your name is Rick Dettman, better known as ''THE TRAIN''. How did you get the name, Train?

After being a touring musician and songwriter in the 60's & 70's I decided to stop touring, in 1980, I went into radio to keep in touch with the business. I got my first radio show on a small AM station doing overnights, and thus became ''The Night Train''. The format of the station was not to my liking, but it gave me experience.

Over the years I worked on stations from 1000 watts to 100,000 watt power stations, I leaned that mainstream radio is corporate-run - you can't do your show the way you want too, you have to follow a strict format, and that was not radio to me.

How did you become a DJ on WZLA-FM 92.9 ?

In 1993 I was fortunate to land a DJ position at WZLA-FM 92.9 in Abbeville, S.C. and became ''The Train''. This was privately owned and the owner was more than willing to let me program my own show the way I wanted to. I play an eclectic mix of music, including Blues, Rock-Blues, Southern Rock, and even a little Bluegrass, now and then. The most important part of my show is having the ability to play what I want, so this opens the doors to new artists who can't get any airplay on the corporate-owned radio stations.

I love having the ability to play music that has never been heard, because there's so much good music out there other than just the boring Top 40's.

Train, we heard your show is interactive?

My show incorporates the ability of my listeners to join in the show at all times. All they have to do is call and they're on the air with me, having lots of fun! This is the way radio should be - fun for the listeners!

My musical backgound helps me to decide which songs to play that fit in with the rest of my music selection for the day.

We have one last question, how can your show be listened to?

''The Train Show'' can be heard on 92.9 FM in the upstate of South Carolina from 8 am until 12 pm EST every Saturday, or on the Web at I also have a fan page on Facebook, that everyone can join, The Train Show z93 Oldies.

There are others in your team?

Yes, I have The Train Show various co-hosts: Pad McKeage, The Pain, Mark Myers also known as M&M, Big Mike, and David Byars.

Thank you, Train, for this wonderful interview.

And Pad, tell us how did you start „Windows On Main“ ?

It was an American dream, from four people, to have a restaurant that people would always want visit, Zee Saunders, her husband Bill, my wife Renee McKeage (Zee's sister), and myself developed ''Windows On Main'' in Abbeville, S.C. to accomplish our dreams. We wanted American comfort cuisine with a menu in a pleasant atmosphere where everyone would feel welcome.

Great Steaks, Sea Food Night speciality that brings a personal service that keeps our guest coming back again.

Here we are five years later, still enjoying a brisk business in a small American town. We're open Tuesday thru Saturday evening. Sundays we have a lunch buffet (a southern tradition), ''Windows“ invites you to enjoy lunch or dinner atmosphere.

Whenever Toni Spearman comes to Abbeville, she always gives a ''Blues Night'' at „Windows“, where there's always a ''Window seat'' for you!

And on Saturday from 8 am to 12 pm you can hear me together with ''The Train'' on The Train Show!!!

Nice talking with you Pad, thank you for your interview with 'Blues Art Journal.‘

Interview by Toni Spearman
(Edited by Norman Darwen)

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